Public school single-gender education is guided by the Federal Regulations issued in October 2006. Single-gender programs should only be implemented if there is a demonstrated need based on review of school, district, state, or national data on boys and girls or if a single-gender program will increase parental choice.  Single-gender programs should not be created based upon the belief that boys and girls learn differently.  This issue of gender differences is not an administrative issue; it is an instructional issue.  See more about gender differences under the Instructional link.


Important Components for a Single-Gender Program (click on the title to access this form)

In order to create a lasting single-gender program, certain components should be included.  The following form outlines the important components and related tasks based on five years of work with single-gender programs, review of literature on school reform, and the Federal regulations.

Federal Regulations on Public School Single-Gender Programs (click on the title to access this form)

All public school single-gender programs are regulated by Federal regulations issued in October 2006.  All educators involved or interested in single-gender education should review and be familiar with the regulations.

Single-Gender Program Design Form (click on the title to access this form)

Creating a single-gender program is more than just separating boys and girls.  This form will help you in thinking through the creation of a single-gender program.  Various critical categories and prompts are listed.

Single-Gender Program Review Guide (click on the title to access this form)

This form will help you in reviewing your program.  There is enough structure to work as a guide, but enough flexibility to meet the different formats of each school.



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